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GPS Tracking & Fleet Monitoring Made Simple

Our broad portfolio of GPS tracking units is designed to meet a wide range of applications.  From battery operated covert tracking systems to commercial grade industrial equipment tracking, our products are ready for the job.

Regardless of whether you manage a fleet of 2 or 2,000 vehicles, our commercial grade fleet tracking devices are designed to make your operations run more efficiently and save you money.

If your business requires a custom GPS tracking solution, our experts can help you find the right system for your needs, or even design and integrate a custom application into your existing fleet monitoring strategy.

Virtual Fleet Director is our full service, outsourced fleet monitoring solution.  Our experts can help you reduce fleet operation costs and improve employee efficiency.  
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Who We Are

World Tracking Solutions offers a wide variety of real time GPS vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring systems to meet a broad range of consumer, industrial, and fleet applications.  Whether you are looking for one GPS vehicle tracking device for personal use, or a complete vehicle tracking solution for your fleet, World Tracking Solutions revolutionizes what is possible in the world of tracking technology.

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